Thanks A Lot, Disney

Maybe a number of people are not familiar with the public domain. I'll use books and characters but there is also music and drawings, etc.

Basically in the past if a artist's work was 56 years old, it entered the public domain and could be used as is or changed by anyone.

"Well that sucks," you say.

"Really?" I ask. "Do you know Disney created it's empire using public domain works?"

"Get outta here."

"Seriously. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and Pinocchio and way many more characters were in the public domain and Disney used them to create their own stories."

"Well that sucks," you say.

"No it doesn't. It allows more entertaining works to reach the public."

"Way to go, Disney,".

"Uh, wrong. When Mickey Mouse was close to entering the public domain, Disney and others lobbied Congress to change the law and added decades to works falling into the public domain so we are all being robbed of lots of entertainment."

"Well that sucks, Disney," you say.

"You're right."